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The Billy Foreman Fund is a Donor Advised Fund of the California Community Foundation.  Billy bequeathed money to the UCLA Medical Auxiliary earmarked for two major concerns.  First the hospital play room was closed on weekends because of a lack of staff.  Others have added to the program and Billy got his wish.  Secondly, there was a need for patients and families from out of town to have a place to stay during out-patient treatment.


Billy Foreman fought cancer for 5 years.  During that time he counseled children with cancer, lectured incoming med students and was so much a part of the Pediatric floor that the staff petitioned the Medical Center to allow him to continue treatments beyond 16; he passed away there at 19.  He even played cupid for a nurse and a pharmacist.


The Billy Foreman Fund is not a public fund but is solely supported by friends and family of Billy.